Julian Riva


Born in Italy, Julian Riva, came to Canada at a very young age with his family and settled in Fredericton. He attended public schools in Fredericton and upon graduating from Fredericton High School, he enrolled at UNB Fredericton where he received a BSc, Bed (Secondary education) and a MEd (Guidance and counseling). Julian became involved in the local Italian Association, and along with other cultural associations in Fredericton, became one of the founding members of the Multicultural Association of Fredericton.  He served as MCAF’s 1st VP but took over as President when the current President had to leave the area for work. Julian stayed on the following year as President and worked with the members to further the goals and aims of the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. Julian Riva is a lifetime member of MCAF.

Upon completion of his graduate work, Julian and his young family moved to St. Andrews, NB where he worked for NBCC St. Andrews and for NBCC Corporate office. Later as International Affairs Coordinator he managed international projects in various countries as well as working with incoming international students as well as outgoing students and staff. While at NBCC, Julian became involved in the initial formation of the Charlotte County Multicultural Association (CCMA) and has been a member of ever since and now serving as the current President of CCMA.