Allyson Jackson

Coordinator for the Skills Launch Adult

Ashley Anderson

Betty De Asis

Integration Support Services Coordinator – RSN Kent

Christine (Chrissy) Pace

Program Manager for the Settlement Worker in Schools (SWIS) project

Dita Zarembo-Galina

Integration Services Event/Volunteer Coordinator – Chipman and Grand Lake Region

Emiliya Krichevskaya

Project Coordinator – Learning Hub

Hannah Goodwin

Provincial Program Coordinator - Rural Employment Language Initiative (RELI)

Ivan Okello

Project Manager, Antiracism Initiatives

Leah Stevenson

Lead Integration Services Coordinator – Grand Lake Region

Jared Carney

Provincial Project Manager – Skills Launch & Head Start to Employment

Josee McDonald

Accounting and Administrative Coordinator

Justin Ryan

Training and Development Manager

Michelle Arsenault

Rural Settlement Network Provincial Manager

Natasha Giroux

Intercultural Project Coordinator

Pablo Costa

Member Support Coordinator

Pascale Bellavance

Settlement Coordinator, Restigouche-West

Sristi Panta

Project Lead, Employment Initiatives – SME Network

Tim Robichaud

Rural Employment and Language Initiative Instructor

Shadwa Ramadan

Manager of Women and Gender Initiatives

Vova Ievets

Project Manager, CRM implementation