Together, NBMC and its member agencies work as a collective voice to tell their stories, liaise with governments and strategic partners, and advocate for changes to positively impact newcomers to our province. NBMC serves as a communication platform to amplify the experiences of ourselves and our member agencies, reflected through various reports.


NBMC Education Green Paper Response

Preparing New Brunswick Schools and the Education System to Support a Growing Population of Immigrant Students with Diverse Ethnic, Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds.

Estimating the Impact of Future Immigration in New Brunswick on K-12 Student Enrolment

International Students Executive Report

Discover how international students are bringing diverse skills and experience to New Brunswick and learn about the opportunities and challenges they face while transitioning to employment. With insights from 200 international students, 36 local employers, and over 45 stakeholders, this study sheds light on the barriers to integration and how to create synergy for impact. Explore the findings and see how you can help create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for international students in NB.

International Students Executive Report