New Brunswick is a diverse province attracting talent from all over the world. Immigrants and racialized individuals, despite being highly educated and with strong professional backgrounds, are not fully represented in decision-making spaces in New Brunswick. 

The goal to increase participation of immigrants and racialized individuals in New Brunswick’s public, private, and non-profit Boards, Agencies, Commissions and Committees (BACCs). NBMC will collaborate and engage with organizations interested in diversifying their decision-making tables and match Board governance opportunities to program participants.  

RePRESENT NB is a a bilingual program that engages newcomers and racialized individuals to access leadership training, mentors, and networks to actively participate in leadership positions. The program will also engage public, private and non-profit Boards, Agencies, Commissions, and Committees interested in creating pathways to diversifying their leadership teams.

The program will: