Cultural Competency Training

Our region is changing to become increasingly vibrant and rich in diversity, granting us a new and much-needed potential source of clients and employees.

However, to take advantage of this opportunity, we need to adapt to these differences. The challenge is that we are not born with culture, we are born into it, which makes many of the rules of culture completely subconscious.

When our organizations are built on the assumption that everyone speaks and reads our languages, values the same basic things, and approaches problems the same way, what happens when we encounter people from different cultures? How can we be sure that we are not unintentionally excluding precisely the people we need the most?

NBMC’s cross-cultural skills workshop addresses these needs. We provide insights and practical guidance to enhance your ability to benefit from intercultural interactions and to avoid the traps of unconscious bias.

Participants learn how to understand and communicate across cultural barriers. We discuss the advantages and challenges of operating in a multicultural environment and develop the tools and approaches needed to turn the differences into advantages.

The workshop consists of a core module that is coupled with specialized components for your area of focus. It allows for flexible training schedules that work with the realities of your operational demands, ensuring your staff receives the key information at a time that works for you.