Across New Brunswick, more employers are hiring immigrants and leveraging the talent of newcomers.

More newcomers and community members are coming together to celebrate diversity and create tolerant and inclusive communities. The New Brunswick Multicultural Council celebrates these leaders in diversity, inclusion, and integration through its annual Champions for Cultural Diversity awards.

This recognition is part of the Council’s work in promoting immigration as essential to our province’s future. More individuals and organizations are getting involved than ever before. That includes employers who are eager to learn how they can diversify their workforce and access foreign talent, as well as newcomer youths, families, and entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the province.

The Council is seeing exciting examples of employers developing creative strategies to support new employees’ integration into the workplace, and other organized and individual efforts supporting newcomer integration into the community. The collaboration between employers, settlement agencies, municipalities, community members, and various government levels opens up a world of new opportunities.