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Terris Earth Intelligence is a technology company specializing in earth observation, based in Fredericton, NB. Their cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform represents the next era of geospatial intelligence as it sources and fuses images and data from satellite, aerial, and land-based sources on-demand to provide 3D visualizations and analytics that are AI-driven to facilitate faster and more informed decision-making for any place on earth.

Terris’ secret sauce is found in their multicultural mix. Their success is predicated on building a highly-skilled talent attraction and retention funnel through innovative experiential learning initiatives. Since the beginning of 2020, Terris has grown from three to 21 employees despite the difficulties associated with being a new company during a pandemic.

At any given time, Terris provides experiential learning opportunities for between four to nine university or community college students and to date over 70% have been immigrants. For their current cohort of seven students, five are international students and one is permanent resident. On the Terris map, their staff hail from nine countries: Canada, China, India, Iran, Nigeria, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Terris believes in supporting the community and helping wherever possible. For example, in support of the Ukrainian community of Fredericton, Terris was proud to provide its office to the Embassy of Ukraine (Canada) to conduct their first ever off-site consular services in New Brunswick.