Sydona Chandon

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Constantly putting the needs of others before her own challenges, Sydona has modeled what it means to be a servant leader at St. Thomas University, not just to the international students that she was elected to represent, but to the entire STU community.

Students beyond counting have had their passage into their new environment eased by her social activities and inclusion events, and have felt supported by her tireless efforts to ensure equality on campus. 

They all knew that they could go to her in any capacity, either as Vice President and fundraising officer of the Black Student Association and the International Student Representative of the Student’s Union, but as an advisor as they looked to develop their own portfolio and résumé. They even found a place to feel at home at her dining table if they had nowhere to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

She built on this by developing a monthly leadership award for international students, which recognized students who actively took on roles in improving their community on campus while still performing well academically. 

As a change-maker for international and black students throughout Fredericton, Sydona has garnered an award in the International Student Category.