Honorine Ngountchoup

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Honorine’s range of cultural contributions to her new home in the Chaleur region could fill a book. She has led from the front as Vice-president of the Cultural Society of Baie des Chaleurs, acting as Master of Ceremony, dance, cook, and poet during the events of the multicultural association.

She founded and facilitates a radio program on CIMS FM entitled “En francais!” to promote the French language within the community.

She has also added a whole new flavour to all five senses within her region, ranging from the artistic to the culinary. Campbellton is festooned with her murals and artwork (many of which she has donated). The salmon festival is brought alight with her poetic readings, which she also videos and shares widely, and the scents of African foods permeate the town, inspired by her food tastings events and through the sharing of African dishes on the Facebook page she founded.

She has also striven to laying down a path for newcomers, creating an exchange platform to ensure the international students at CCNB have the information and support they need. Even more importantly, she inspires them to develop, pursue, and promote their talents, and to add their own culture to the community.

As a result, wherever you go throughout Campbellton, you’ll hear her voice on the radio, see her murals on the walls, smell and taste the foods she has inspired, and feel the rhythms of the music—and the community is all the richer for it!