Anne and Francis Herbin - Grains de folie

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Cafés can be so much more than a place that serves coffee. Done right, they serve as a bastion of international art and culture.

This is what Anne and Francis Herbin have managed to accomplish with Grains de folie. Hailing from France and with a pastry chef, a baker and a cook who have been trained in France, they promote their country’s cuisine and baking styles while simultaneously providing a space for artists to present their paintings and other artwork has made the café a must-see for visitors to the region.

Not only that, but 1 in 3 of their employees are immigrants, and they have taken great care to build an environment where locals and newcomers can share their skills and passions, all while delivering a unique range of taste sensations to their clientele.

Anne is also a referent employer for the pilot program in Atlantic, and is working with the local settlement agency (CAIENA) to share her experiences and promote the region with francophones who have come on exploratory trips. She also sits on the town’s tourism committee, the board of directors for downtown Caraquet, the Caraquet market board and, recently, the support committee for entrepreneurs facing Covid-19.

As a hallmark example of international culture and inclusion, Anne and Francis Herbin has taken home an award in the Immigrant Entrepreneur category.