Discrimination exists everywhere. I have witnessed bullying and racism in my own school. I want to launch projects that help make my school a more inclusive place. – Imagine NB alumnus

Imagine NB is a chapter of transformation in the youth delegates’ lives. They’re given personal and practical skills to advocate for change and the experience of leading innovative projects. Most importantly, they are empowered as agents of change to make the New Brunswick they imagine a reality.

Alumni Videos

Imagine NB Alumni – Jandry

Imagine NB Alumni – Fares

Impact Report (2017 - 2020)

The Imagine NB leadership program is an extraordinary adventure in humanity. Imagine NB Alumni who participated in the first cycle from 2017-2020 describe the program as a time of discovery, of learning about themselves and others, of reflecting on their lives and futures, and of finding their place in the community.

Eager to learn more? Check out our Impact Report and allow yourself the opportunity to go through the Alumni’s travel diaries sharing this magical interlude in their lives. Bon voyage!

Impact Report

Youth Participants Leadership Portfolios

The leadership portfolio is a component of Imagine NB that the various leadership development journeys and experiences of the Imagine NB youth delegates. The idea of this portfolio is to reinforce competencies such as critical thinking, reflection, self-awareness, and argument formation. As the Imagine NB youth delegates navigate through the various support services offered across the program, they narrate their unique experiences, their learnings, and utilize this portfolio as a tool for their individual academic and personal development plans once the program is completed.