Champions for Cultural Diversity 2023

by New Brunswick Multicultural Council
November 10, 2023

FREDERICTON – The New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC) proudly announces the recipients of the 2023 CCDAs. These awards, established in 2016, serve as a beacon of recognition for exceptional leaders in cultural diversity, highlighting their outstanding contributions to fostering an inclusive and welcoming province. 

The CCDAs are a cornerstone of NBMC’s commitment to promoting immigration as a vital component of New Brunswick’s future. By acknowledging the accomplishments of individuals, organizations, and businesses in their efforts to embrace and celebrate multiculturalism, these awards inspire inclusivity throughout the province.  

In the words of Maura McKinnon, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council: 

“The Champions for Cultural Diversity Awards exemplify the spirit of unity and inclusivity that defines New Brunswick. It’s a privilege to recognize the remarkable individuals and organizations dedicated to making our province a more diverse and welcoming place.” 

This year, the CCDAs introduced four new categories, each honoring both Anglophone and Francophone champions. We saw a great response, with over 50 nominations from across New Brunswick. 

NBMC extends its heartfelt congratulations to this year’s winners and nominees, as well as to the employers, organizations, and individuals who tirelessly contribute to shaping a more diverse and inclusive province. 

To learn more about the CCDAs, please contact Pablo Costa at


Anglophone categories

Recipient of the IMPACT Award – Julian Riva (Charlotte County, NB) 

Julian Riva’s lifelong dedication to multiculturalism in New Brunswick is nothing short of extraordinary. He is the distinguished recipient of the IMPACT Award, not only for founding MCAF and CCMA but also for his unwavering leadership in various provincial initiatives. His work serves as a powerful testament to his commitment to building an inclusive and welcoming province for all. 

Recipient of the INNOVATE Award – Ketan Raval, Moncton Cares (Moncton, NB) 

Ketan Raval is celebrated for pioneering groundbreaking solutions in newcomer integration and multiculturalism, earning him the INNOVATE Award. Notably, his contributions include the creation of the Moncton Cares Community Platform and a diverse array of community programs that champion inclusivity and community knowledge. 

Recipient of the INSPIRE Award – Ted Harris and Martins Fashemi, YOP (Moncton, NB) 

Ted Harris and Martins Fashemi are revered as the recipients of the INSPIRE Award for their exceptional leadership in establishing the Youth Outreach Program (YOP). This program is a force for empowering racialized youth, breaking down systemic barriers, and championing cultural diversity and inclusion. 

Recipient of the CONNECT Award – William Onososen (Saint John, NB) 

William Onososen is celebrated as the recipient of the CONNECT Award for his exemplary community stewardship and unwavering dedication to forging connections, fostering inclusivity, and providing support to newcomers in New Brunswick. 

Francophone categories: 

Recipient of the Prix CONNEXION – Jennifer Pitre (Bathurst, NB) 

Jennifer Pitre is honored as the recipient of the Prix CONNEXION for her remarkable commitment to connecting newcomers with community resources, her strategic leadership in community development, and her pioneering efforts to establish a multilingual daycare in the Chaleur region, shaping a more inclusive future. 

Recipient of the Prix INSPIRATION – Wilinton Vega (Saint John, NB) 

Wilinton Vega is celebrated as the recipient of the Prix INSPIRATION for his unwavering dedication to promoting cultural diversity and sharing the vibrancy of Latino culture through dance across New Brunswick. His contributions enrich the cultural fabric of our province, fostering a more vibrant and inclusive society. 

Recipient of the Prix IMPACT – Mischka Jacobs (Moncton, NB) 

Mischka Jacobs is acknowledged as the recipient of the Prix IMPACT for her outstanding commitment to fostering cultural diversity, promoting newcomer integration, and playing a pivotal role in the creation of community programs like Ayoba and 211NB, making a profound impact on our multicultural community. 

Recipient of the Prix INNOVATION – Khalil Mokraoui (Moncton, NB) 

Khalil Mokraoui is celebrated as the recipient of the Prix INNOVATION for his pioneering and innovative approach to supporting and empowering newcomers, reshaping the landscape of newcomer support through his online presence, and leading the way toward a more diverse and vibrant future.