Religious Intolerance “Unacceptable and un-Canadian”, Says President of NB Multicultural Council

by New Brunswick Multicultural Council
January 30, 2017

The New Brunswick Multicultural Council mourns the six dead and nineteen wounded at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec on Sunday evening.  We call on Canadians of all faiths to stand in solidarity with the families.  The terrorist attack at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec is deplorable and does not reflect Canadian values.

Mike Timani, President of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council provided the following comments: “We cannot underestimate the negative impact of religious intolerance on our social fabric and security. When we shut our doors to the world and religious freedom it promotes a culture of fear and division.  Canadians need to choose acceptance and unity, over fear and division. These values will ultimately lead to a safer society.” Timani added,  “Fear, violence and religious intolerance are unacceptable and un-Canadian.  It’s just not who we are, and we need to show that by condemning these acts.”

New Brunswickers have shown their welcoming spirit by opening their communities and hearts to over 1500 new-Canadians who arrived as refugees from Syria this past year.  “People of all faiths have befriended their new Muslim neighbours and they’ve formed life-long bonds.  This is the Canadian story – not the recent senseless attacks in Quebec.” said Alex LeBlanc, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council.

“I think people across North America and the world are probably struck by the co-occurrence of a travel-ban on Muslims in the US and the anti-Muslim terrorist attack in Quebec,”  Said LeBlanc.  “As we reflect on the important work of building a multicultural and pluralistic society, I hope these incidents embolden the collective commitment of Canadians to creating a more accepting society where all people are valued regardless of faith, colour, or country of origin.”