Employer Recognition Awards 2015

by New Brunswick Multicultural Council
October 19, 2015

On Monday, October 19th The New Brunswick Multicultural Council honored employers, who in many respects are at the heart of making the vision of inclusion and diversity a reality in our province.

Employers who can figure out how to attract, include and retain newcomers into their workforce are going to be essential when our workforce demographics begin to shift.  There is a global competition for top talent, skills and qualifications. We need to position ourselves to compete and that means appealing to those workers from abroad who can help grow New Brunswick businesses and open new opportunities. These employers who have been recognized were nominated by members of their community, newcomers, and/or multicultural associations for their leadership in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces for immigrants and newcomers.

They are the following:

New Brunswick is growing and changing as a province. We are coming together to figure out how to grow our communities and our economy and these employers are shining examples of what New Brunswick employers are capable of, showing how inclusion and diversity are such valuable and integral parts of their businesses.